The second largest of the Northern City-States Vardia is a thriving city. It’s wharves bustle with trade from Gahuzkull, The Fire Isles, Qumari and now Akah. It is also linked by river to the city of Melnich and by road to Penrith.

The six city states were once torn with conflict as various leaders claimed sovereignty over the entire North of Tarkus however the last civil war ended over 50 years ago with a peace agreement. Each city would govern its hinterland as its own kingdom and would not interfere with the dealings of the other cities.

Vardia was settled in the center of a naturally occurring bay on the Eastern coast of Tarkus just North of the Egron mountain range. The town follows a straightforward hierarchy with the wealthy living in large mansions on the top of the hills and the poorest citizens living close to the docks and the fish market.

Vardinians are famed for the ship building, which has seen vast improvements in the last 10 years, and thus have the best connections with far-away lands.


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